I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about it, but what’s in it for the arm? Right? Well when you have a cold, your sneezes and coughs just hide straight into arm.Not to mention all the times your hands pick things up for you. Do we ever give them a break? Even still, after all the lifting and contagiousness, people still have the nerve to type out words that, maybe people aren’t looking at. So though we never really give our arms and hands a break, think about the good things we give them. Like washing our hands or, putting warm soft gloves on them. Eh?hand


Ha Ha, well guess what? I didn’t do a lot of projects at all. Sorry. But School, did start and yesterday was my first day of school. Both days were good. A bit confusing at first but, it all ended up okay! I am a little bummed summer is over. But yeah. It has to end at one point. So sorry I didn’t do any projects, but I’ll do my best to make up for that.blackboard_math

For the next week up until school starts I am going to do a bunch of projects, drawings, stories. EVERYTHING. Because this being my last week of summer everything I do should be fun! So when I’m done with my drawings and stories and stuff, I’ll post it all up here and you’ll be able to see it all. Whoo! I’m pretty pumped for this. design_04

So as the summer comes to an end, I still feel like I have a huge list of things I want to do. A week from today. The big day. The first day. School. UGH. I don’t want to start, or at least not at this very second. Although what does make me feel better is that two of my friend’s are in my class so, bing! Two thumbs up. That’s good. And I know my teacher so that’s good. But………I don’t know that I’m exactly that excited. But yeah. I don’t really have that much more to say. Thank you for listening!SCHOOL

I’m sorry everyone. I haven’t been writing at all lately, but for a week I was gone in Massachusetts at my friend’s Lake House. It was great.Though I am sad that we left, I got to see my parents, and I love them so much. So again sorry I haven’t been writing.Lake_Tahoe_Nevada

I’m completely out of ideaspaper to write about, but I’m really very frustrated because I want to write, I love writing, and I mean I have story ideas just no blog ideas. But when exciting things happen I’ll write about them. It’s just if I try to write this fuse in my mind fades and any ideas I had are poof gone! Why does this happen? Writer’s Block I bet!!! Shoot, my mind is just blank. Igh, I want ideas. But I do have a week in Massachusetts to talk about so after that happens and I have the time of my life I will express it. Yeah.

MichiganFriday, my mom, my sister and I drove to Indiana. It took about an hour or two. It wasn’t bad at all, most people complain about car rides but it really helps when you have ear phones playing music to you and a pillow to tempt you to fall a sleep. (Which I did) The ride over was really beautiful at the beginning, but then I fell asleep and then rain pattering on the roof woke me up. We stopped at a taco bell. Yum! It was great tacos are just, wow, their great. We left and oh, yes!! I forgot we drove up with my mom’s high school friend and her husband and son. They’re all really nice and funny. So we followed them to Indiana. We reached Indiana and stopped at the Fort Wayne’s Children Zoo, where my mom’s other high school friend works. It was great, we saw Sea Lions, Monkey’s, Owl’s…..but what was really amazing was that every exhibit was right up to the animals so we saw I Bengal tiger probably…uh, two feet away. It was amazing, the tiger’s name was…oh, gosh. Uh, for some reason I have a strong instinctive feeling that his name was Teddy. So anyway, we also went on this sky lift, or you know one of those ski lifts over the zoo. And let me just tell you it was extremely freeing, because I didn’t have any shoes on so the wind was whipping through my toes.  And as the ride ended we had a few seconds to get off the seat and out of the way. So I was just sort of freaking out, and I got really anxious, ha, so I got on the ground and started walking very fast in front of it, then my sister started laughing so I got out of the way, oh. We left the zoo, and drove to this Animal Hospital, where my mom’s friend works, it was a great experience! She had a rat named Jack that she was taking care of and I actually got to hold the rat, then she had two birds, they were great really beautiful, then their was an owl it had huge orange eyes, and we got to see the owl eat. So it flew down,   wings span must have been 5 or 6 feet long. It was incredible! She had another bird that was a very bright red her name was Carrol then we met three snakes. This is just going on and on isn’t it? Well still I have a bit more. We left there and went to an Italian restaurant called Caruso it was delicious. We headed back to my mom’s friends house, and it was right on the Lake which was really nice. Okay, I’m getting kind of over the part in Indiana so I want to tell you about our drive to Michigan because it was really fantastic. We drove to Michigan. BLAH BLAH BLAH, the ride was a howling good time. BLAH BLAH. AH!! Michigan, we drove up this gravel drive way and in front of us was this stunning red house with stone walls, and ugh! It was amazing! Next doors to that were two little cottages the second one was the one we stayed in. Pictures are deeply in order. Really you need to see them. It was small and simple. I loved it! We hung out around the camp fire, we made smores too!  The first crackers we used tasted like card board, I suppose that’s one way to taste your first smore. But then we got new ones and they were much better. After that night the next morning my sister and I went fishing on the dock. And oh…..I didn’t catch anything, though honestly I did almost catch a bird, I was reeling by bait in and their was seaweed or “lake weed” stuck to by bait, a bird flew down and knocked the “lake weed” off. Then I did catch a stick, but what a bummer it was considering as I was reeling it in I thought it was a fish. So then after that we got on the boat and rode over to a sand bar, a really shallow beach and played there all day. Oh, and all on our way there we jumped in the water which was a stunning turquoise. Then on our way back we went to a restaurant called the Dockside and celebrated my mom’s high school friend’s boyfriend’s uncle’s 60th birthday. Mouth full. Then we went back to the cottage but on our way back we stopped by this creek called Cold Creek. Wonder why? I jumped in the water and it was like shoving your foot bare into two feet of snow, then spilling burning water on it, you have that intense wave of coldness that is SO unbearable! SO then I wrapped my feet in a towl, we were sort of have a competetion to see who get the furthest and I did. Ha. I made it about 30 feet away from the boat. But I couldn’t stand it. So we boated back home and I prety much just fell asleep right away. The next morning we went tubing!!!! I love tubing it’s like nothing else! We went crazy, I went with Orion a few times then I went by myself and it was so much fun. I was holding on and my feet touched the water so they were flopping all over the place. It hurt. Truthfully. Then my feet got stuck under the water so I was slipping back, but I would not. Let go, of course not! But as I was being pulled back my fingers kept unhooking from the handles and I was nervous that I was going to fall in because I was trying so hard not to fall in. So when the boat stopped I sat there my arms all limp and I sort of rolled over into the water. Then on our way back to the cottage we heard some Loons which are rare to see so we went to look for them but we didn’t find them instead we saw a Bald Eagle! It was incredible like nothing you’d ever seen. It was huge and beautiful! I had such a great time in Michigan, after the tubing we left and ahhh…..I just had a great time.