October 2009

I’m quite bored, you know that feeling grey

Where every nerve is just unappealing,

Don’t know what to do, that feeling your running quite vacant,

It’s definitely not fun; I can’t seem to shake it.

Ah! What’s there to do? So many things!

Can’t find any of them, I need a good RING.

A KNOCK a POUND, something to get me around.

A movie, a book, a game to play,

Anything, oh, anything would be okay!


pumpkin3September has ended,

Completely befriended

October is here,

Meaning Halloween is near,

Ghouls and ghosts,

Witches afloat

Black cats and broken mirrors

Little Children’s fears

But Halloween is not about scaring

It’s about the fun and sharing

Of delicious candies and sweets………..

Trick or treat!

By: Me.