September 2009

I’m sick, I’m sick

I promise it’s no trick

I honestly don’t lie,

Just look me in the eye………..

I’m sick.


Marry walked through the castle with wandering eyes, when she laid them on a particular tree in the South Garden. She hurried down the corridor as it began to sprinkle.

“Princess, where do you think you are going?” A tall soldier asked. Marry stared at the soldier with curious eyes.

“Outside to the pear tree.” Marry replied.

“Sorry, Miss.  But I have specific orders from the king saying you aren’t allowed outside till the rain clears up.” Marry sauntered to her room, her gown dragging behind her.

“Daddy’s no fair.” She moped. “I never get to go outside. It’s either “It’s too hot out” or “It’s too sunny, she’ll get burned.”I just want to see the pear tree.” Marry said mocking in her father’s tone. Marry sat on her stool and stared out the window. The rain had picked up and the wind was furious. Marry sighed and left her room.

“I’ll just have to find a way to make the rain stop.” Marry paused, in mid-step. A proposal came to mind.

“An umbrella! I’ll just need an umbrella and I can go to the pear tree.” Marry glanced around for an umbrella when she spotted one by the guard. Marry ran for it. She made it half way before the guard caught her by the arm.

“Excuse me darling, but even with an umbrella your dad doesn’t want you stepping a foot outside.” Marry moped and left to find another idea. Marry waited for an hour for an idea. But the rain just fell harder on the roof making it hard for Marry to concentrate. The pattern echoed through her mind like peanut butter stuck to your tongue. Pitter Patter Pit Pit. Pitter Patter Pit Pit. What was a seven year old girl to do?

“Yes!” Marry yelped. “I’ll just call the weather man and order him to stop the rain!” Marry skipped down the hall to her daddy’s study and hopped up on the leather chair. She picked up the receiver and stopped with a gloomy frown on her face.

“Oh,” She sulked. “I don’t know his number.” Marry jumped down from the seat and laid her head in her hands on the window seal. The rain swooshed down harder making it harder to imagine going out. Marry laid there for second’s maybe even moments until yet another idea came to mind.

“Daddy!” She squealed. Marry darted down the hall and into the room her Daddy was in.

“Daddy let me go outside, please!” Marry said hopping up and down her hands clapped together in a begging way. The King dropped down to his knees and pulled Marry into a tight hug.

“Oh,” The King sighed in a deep, croaky voice. “It is raining Marry-Deary. And you’ll get soaking wet and I don’t want you to get a cold.” Marry curled up her lip into a puppy dog face.

“Please? I only want to see the pear tree.”

“When it clears up you may go out, Marry-Deary.” Marry ran out of his grasp and to her room, tears burning her eyes. The King followed swiftly, until Marry closed the door. Marry cried to her bed, and hid her face under the pillows. Knock Knock. Marry looked up to see the door handle turn open. Her daddy walked in.

“Marry, don’t fret, you’ll be able to go out in no time it’s raining but it’ll clear up soon.” The King assured.

“I-want-to-go-out-now.” Marry whimpered. Marry rolled off her bed and to the window. Marry gasped, and turned to the King. Her Daddy was smiling. Four of the soldiers dragged out a cloth and stood it up on its hinds. It appeared to be a tent around the pear tree. Two more soldiers rolled out cloth along the grass leading to the tent and pear tree.

“Go ahead Marry.” Marry dashed out of the room, swiped up her coat, and skipped outside. She walked slowly toward the pear tree, examining it from every side.

“Here Marry.” A soldier said handing Marry a twine weaved basket. “Pick the good ones.”

Hungry now? Get a pear.

Edward Lear (1812-1888) made limericks popular kinds of poems. Some people think that limericks were first written in the town of Limerick, Ireland.
The limerick has 5 lines; the 3rd & 4th lines are shorter than the others.
Lines 1, 2, and 5 have seven to ten syllables and rhyme with one another.
Lines 3 and 4 have five to seven syllables and also rhyme with each other.


There once was a seed in the sky.
That rode on the wind way up high.
The wind did die down.
Dropped the seed on the ground.
A flower will grow by and by.

One by Me:

The sky is endless and bright.

But the bird flew to an enormous height.

He began to be scared.

And dropped out of the air.

Nbirdsow the bird doesn’t fly to the light.